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Yes, your tattoo CAN be removed!

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Lasercare Tattoo Removal has brought Alaska into the 21st century with the most advanced laser technology on the market today.  We use the Quanta Q Plus laser, the most powerful tattoo removal laser available. This enables Lasercare to remove tattoos of nearly any color without the scarring and intense pain of other less powerful lasers currently in use.  The Quanta’s laser pulse takes less time to reach and destroy ink molecules, and this means less time that the skin is under the laser, therefore reducing the chance for damage to the skin. This stronger laser also means fewer treatments, less pain, and a higher rate of removal success.  ...


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Popular essential oils, such as Doterra, will cause burns and blistering if used within two months of having laser tattoo removal. If you are interested in having a tattoo removed, stop using these products until two months after your tattoo is completely removed.  Read about medical recommendations concerning essential oils and sun exposure...

Picosure Laser Lawsuit

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The manufacturer of the Picosure tattoo removal laser has had a class action lawsuit filed against them.  Cynosure marketed the Picosure laser as an effective tattoo removal laser able to remove even the toughest colors of ink, all the while knowing that the laser could not remove tattoo ink.  Laser operators have been using their Picosure lasers for up to five years, getting paid by clients with no results.  If you are one of these unfortunate people, you can see if you are eligible for compensation. The Quanta Q Plus C laser continues to be the most successful tattoo removal laser available.  Lasercare Tattoo Removal has been successfully removing...

The Cost of Tattoo Removal

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How much will it cost to remove your tattoo? All variables aside, laser tattoo removal is priced by the amount of ink to be removed.  If your tattoo is completely filled in with ink, simply measure your tattoo.  If your tattoo is script or has empty spaces, imagine pushing all of the ink together and estimate a measurement of solid ink.  The price per treatment  is $99.00 for one inch of ink (about the size of a quarter), $149.00 for two square inches (about the size of the height of a bank card), $199.00 for three square inches (about the size of a Post It note), $249.00 for four...

5 Surprising Factors in Tattoo Removal

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  5   Surprising Factors that Affect the Tattoo Removal Process Removing tattoos isn’t as straightforward as erasing a pencil drawing. The variables introduced by the human body influence the removal process in all kinds of ways. Some of the factors that impact the number of laser treatments necessary to remove a tattoo are more obvious than others. Ink depth, density, and color, as well as skin type are a few factors you may figure would influence the process. With any art, there are two players in the removal process — the eraser and the canvas. When using the best, most state-of-the art lasers, that means that the health...

Fresh Start for a Mother of Two

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Fifteen years ago, Holly Smith* was confident she knew what her future held.  As the tattoo artist inked a marijuana leaf on her chest, she knew it would be easy to hide, and besides, she knew she wouldn’t care who saw it. Fast forward ten years to Holly’s wedding.  Her day was perfect except for her dress.  She loved the plunging necklines of so many beautiful gowns, but she couldn’t let her in laws see the tattoo that now represented the wild life she had left behind.  Over the years, she had carefully selected clothing that would cover her tattoo, but too often that meant not getting to wear the...