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Young Adults and the Tattoo Decision

UnknownMost states, at least 45, have laws that prohibit tattooing minors, even with a parent’s permission.  Does that mean it is a      good idea to get a tattoo at 18?  Your mom might say no, your friends might say yes, but ultimately it is you alone that lives  with the tattoo decision.  Age is only one factor to consider when getting your first tattoo.  The design, tattoo artist, placement, your lifestyle, and future opportunities are all worth considering before getting inked.

When deciding on a tattoo design, planning ahead will result in longer satisfaction as opposed to a spontaneous decision.  Take the time to find a tattoo artist whose work you like and visit their shop.  Talk about your design idea and make an appointment at least a month out.  That will give you plenty of time to adjust your art, or perhaps change your mind.  The design you choose shouldn’t be too trendy or cause others to take offense.  Names are better left until later in life, as well as most relationship related tattoo designs.  Be prepared  tell the story of your tattoo countless times.  Keeping this in mind, even memorial tattoos can grow tiresome.

When considering where to put your first tattoo, a realistic view of how it will affect your life is important.  “I’d encourage a place that is easily hidden for the first tattoo.  Try it out.  If you like it, you’ll be back for more.  If you regret it, at least  you can easily cover it.  The face or neck are not for first tattoos,” says Don Yarian, experienced tattoo artist.

“Tattoos might seem cool when you’re twenty, but you might regret it later.  I have to think about how the general public will react to an individual when I hire that person.  Unfortunately, I cannot hire someone with visible tattoos because it would make some people uncomfortable,” states Laura Stillbrook, human resources manger for a metropolitan hospital.  Even though about 32% of the population has at least one tattoo, many employers are still afraid of the public’s perception.  A tattoo you can cover at work, then show off after hours is safe choice.

The only thing certain in life is change.  If your first tattoo is well planned, it won’t limit your opportunities or have a negative impact on your life.