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The Cost of Tattoo Removal

How much will it cost to remove your tattoo?

All variables aside, laser tattoo removal is priced by the amount of ink to be removed.  If your tattoo is completely filled in with ink, simply measure your tattoo.  If your tattoo is script or has empty spaces, imagine pushing all of the ink together and estimate a measurement of solid ink.  The price per treatment  is $149.00 for one inch of ink (about the size of a quarter), $199.00 for two square inches (about the size of the height of a bank card), $249.00 for three square inches (about the size of a Post It note), $299.00 for four square inches, and $349.00 for five square inches.  If you have a large piece to be removed, don’t let the price stop you.  Come in for a free consultation and we will work out a treatment plan that will be manageable for you.  We will also estimate how many treatments it will take to meet your goals.






The Quanta Q Plus C laser used by Lasercare Tattoo Removal will remove your tattoo with fewer treatments than any other laser.  Our laser technicians have the very highest level of certification and training to ensure success without damaging your skin.

It will undoubtedly cost more to remove your tattoo than it did to get it, but the cost of living with unwanted ink can be far higher.