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Removal Throwback From the ’70’s

An old method of tattoo removal has created an influx of new clients at Lasercare Tattoo Removal within the last few months.  Desperate for removal, these people opted to have saline or glycolic acid injected into their tattoo using a tattoo machine. The outcome is, predictably, an open wound that will heal to a scar and hopefully that scar will lighten over the years.  While scarring is acceptable to some people, ending up with the tattoo only slightly lighter is not.  This process should only be performed a maximum of two times because of the damage done to the skin, which results in the tattoo only marginally lightened.  At this point there will be significant scarring, which can make the ink more difficult to remove with a laser, but removal is still possible.  Lasercare Tattoo Removal has seen dozens of scarred, unhappy people, who are fortunately now on the way to having their tattoos removed.

       The only FDA approved method of tattoo removal is with a laser. We have heard horror stories about using a “special solution to pull the ink out” or using self-applied acid–and we’ve seen the disastrous results. If the place is not certified to remove tattoos with appropriate lasers, this is a LIGHTENING rather than a REMOVAL method.  Any sort of non laser removal involves opening the skin to get to the implanted pigment.  This by the very nature of it, is far more aggressive than a laser, which does not touch the epidermis.  With the Quanta Q Plus laser, you can go about your daily life without the pain of an open wound that must be bandaged and cared for.  The Quanta Q Plus laser will not leave you with a scar as other methods will.  

If your goal is complete removal, or lightening your tattoo with no scarring, Lasercare Tattoo Removal is Alaska’s only option.  Call today for a free consultation. (907)903-1558.