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Picosure Laser Lawsuit

The manufacturer of the Picosure tattoo removal laser has had a class action lawsuit filed against them.  Cynosure marketed the Picosure laser as an effective tattoo removal laser able to remove even the toughest colors of ink, all the while knowing that the laser could not remove tattoo ink.  Laser operators have been using their Picosure lasers for up to five years, getting paid by clients with no results.  If you are one of these unfortunate people, you can see if you are eligible for compensation.

The Quanta Q Plus C laser continues to be the most successful tattoo removal laser available.  Lasercare Tattoo Removal has been successfully removing tattoos for over three years now, with hundreds of satisfied clients.  Consultations are free, find out more by talking to a tattoo removal expert (907)903-1558.