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Quanta Q-Plus C Laser vs PicoSure

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When Lasercare Tattoo Removal opened for business just over two years ago, it was to fill a void in tattoo removal in Alaska.  All of the lasers being used for tattoo removal were older technology with many unwanted side effects, and they were not very successful at removing tattoos.  Before bringing a new laser to Alaska, Lasercare performed extensive research on any and every laser used for tattoo removal. The lasers offering new technology were the Quanta Q-Plus C and the PicoSure lasers.  After analyzing both lasers, the results they produced, and all available research on them, we decided there was no comparison – the Quanta Q-Plus C was the...

Tattoos and Sun Exposure

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Your tattoo artist probably gave you this same advice about caring for your tattoo, but read this article to refresh your memory:  Tattoos and Sun...

Young Adults and the Tattoo Decision

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Most states, at least 45, have laws that prohibit tattooing minors, even with a parent’s permission.  Does that mean it is a      good idea to get a tattoo at 18?  Your mom might say no, your friends might say yes, but ultimately it is you alone that lives  with the tattoo decision.  Age is only one factor to consider when getting your first tattoo.  The design, tattoo artist, placement, your lifestyle, and future opportunities are all worth considering before getting inked. When deciding on a tattoo design, planning ahead will result in longer satisfaction as opposed to a spontaneous decision.  Take the time to find a tattoo...

How Tobacco Use Inhibits Tattoo Removal

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If you’ve looked into having laser tattoo removal, you already know that your overall good health is important to success.  Healthy, active people generally have strong immune systems and good circulation, both of which are key to removing ink.  The use of tobacco can seriously hinder even an otherwise healthy person’s tattoo removal success.  We know from a study published in the Archives of Dermatology  that the laser tattoo removal process is 70% less effective for tobacco users.  Perhaps the desire to have your ex’s name removed from your arm will be the incentive you need to quit this deadly habit. Laser tattoo removal works by the laser breaking...

Factors Involved in Tattoo Removal

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Removing tattoos isn’t as straightforward as erasing a pencil drawing. The variables introduced by the human body influence the removal process in all kinds of ways.  Some of the factors that impact the number of laser treatments necessary to remove a tattoo are more obvious than others. Ink depth, density, and color, as well as skin type are a few factors you may figure would influence the process. With any art, there are two players in the removal process — the eraser and the canvas. When using the best, most state-of-the art lasers, that means that the health of the canvas usually determines how successful the removal is. Generally...