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How Tattoo Removal Works

The Quanta Q Plus C Laser is the newest, most advanced laser for tattoo removal on the market today. This laser delivers 15-30 joules of pulse strength over an area of up to 4mm (other lasers cover only 3mm) which allows us to use three true wavelengths, making the removal of darker colors like red, orange, black, dark blue, and even the tougher green and light blue pigments now possible.

The high power and short pulse duration of the Quanta Q Plus C Laser allows the laser to reach the ink under the skin quickly, fragmenting the ink particles using the photo-acoustic effect, while not causing the damage and blistering that less powerful lasers do. The body’s natural circulation then disposes of the ink, flushing it out through the lymphatic system. Other lasers often times do not completely remove a tattoo, leaving certain colors and a visible faded “shadow.”  The Quanta Q Plus can completely remove your tattoo, and will require fewer treatments with no healing time.    To watch Lasercare Tattoo Removal on YouTube, click here.

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