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How Painful is Laser Tattoo Removal?

The top concern for most people seeking tattoo removal is pain. Maybe you’ve seen videos on the internet, or heard a friend describe a nightmarish experience.  Those stories were the norm for the technology of that decade.   Five years ago, laser tattoo removal treatment resulted in a blistered open wound that had to be bandaged and cared for  for up to eight weeks.  Welcome to the 21st century!  Tattoo removal no longer needs to leave a scar or be unbearably painful.  The power of the Quanta Q Plus laser used by Lasercare Tattoo Removal breaks up ink particles quickly so it won’t  damage your skin.  Most treatments last under a minute and will NOT leave you with an open wound or skin damage.

What does it feel like?  Here are some quotes from Lasercare customers:

“I was very afraid to do this but I’m glad I did!  It was so fast and not as bad as I expected.”  ~Sophie P.

“I was like, Ouch! Wait, that’s it?”  ~Tony J.

“The laser was like getting a tattoo except didn’t take as long.  It was totally worth it.”  ~Wyatt M.

“It hurt, but the cool air she uses really helps and she is very patient and understanding.”  ~ Becky S.

“Seeing the tattoo getting lighter and lighter and then disappear completely made it totally worth it.  ~Steve C.

It is natural to be nervous and even afraid of the unknown.  Don’t let that fear keep you from moving ahead.  Come in for a free consultation and you can decide for yourself.  Take the first step and call Lasercare Tattoo Removal at (907)903-1558.