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Fresh Start for a Mother of Two

Fifteen years ago, Holly Smith* was confident she knew what her future held.  As the tattoo artist inked a marijuana leaf on her chest, she knew it would be easy to hide, and besides, she knew she wouldn’t care who saw it.

Fast forward ten years to Holly’s wedding.  Her day was perfect except for her dress.  She loved the plunging necklines of so many beautiful gowns, but she couldn’t let her in laws see the tattoo that now represented the wild life she had left behind.  Over the years, she had carefully selected clothing that would cover her tattoo, but too often that meant not getting to wear the things she wanted to.  On vacation with her then-boyfriend’s family, she wanted to stay in the hotel room and cry, but she put on her high-necked, conservative swimsuit and pretended to have a good time.

The final straw that lead Holly to Lasercare Tattoo Removal, was the birth of her first child.  “I knew I never wanted my children to see that tattoo.  Having those experiences in my life was one thing, but that tattoo was an eighteen year old’s decision.”  She carefully kept it covered until after having her second child when she had her first laser tattoo removal treatment.  “I really didn’t think I’d ever get rid of it, but when I found Lasercare Tattoo Removal, I felt very hopeful.  I finally felt like I could be free of that tattoo.”   After eight laser sessions, Holly had completely shed her unwanted ink.  “I really feel like a new person.  I don’t have to hide anything anymore.”

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes.