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Factors Involved in Tattoo Removal

Factors Involved in Tattoo Removal


Removing tattoos isn’t as straightforward as erasing a pencil drawing. The variables introduced by the human body influence the removal process in all kinds of ways.  Some of the factors that impact the number of laser treatments necessary to remove a tattoo are more obvious than others. Ink depth, density, and color, as well as skin type are a few factors you may figure would influence the process.

With any art, there are two players in the removal process — the eraser and the canvas. When using the best, most state-of-the art lasers, that means that the health of the canvas usually determines how successful the removal is. Generally speaking, healthier bodies see better results because the body processes the shattered ink  faster.

With that said, here are five of the least known factors that can affect and even prolong the tattoo removal process.

  • Location:   Since your body is attempting to reabsorb and break apart the ink that the laser fragments, your blood flow plays a large role. Tattoos located closer to the heart where the blood flow is strongest fade quicker than those farther away. Because of this, the hands and feet can be especially troublesome.
  • Smoking:   Smoking or tobacco use inhibits the immune system and reduces circulation to your skin and extremities. Studies have shown that being a smoker can increases the time it takes for your body to dispose of the ink, and can increase the number of treatments. How many reasons do you need to quit?
  • Physical Activity:   As mentioned earlier, a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity helps the body’s blood flow, immune system, and simply operate at a high level. A physically fit person will typically have a shorter tattoo removal process.
  • Ink Type:   Tattoo inks aren’t regulated and most people don’t know the chemical makeup of their embedded ink, let alone what to even call what was used on them. Some ink types are easier to remove than others. Regardless of whether you plan to have the tattoo forever, if you’re getting tatted up, it’s worth asking what type of ink they use so you can have that knowledge for anything that arises in the future.
  • Age of the Tattoo :   Fresh ink that hasn’t had time to set in will often respond better to laser tattoo removal than older tattoos – so the longer you delay having it removed, the more you’ll end up paying to have it removed.

About the Author: Cleighton DePetro is the owner of Sempurna Restoration Clinic, a Chicago tattoo removal clinic and med-spa. He is interested in helping people restore their bodies to their natural, healthy look through a variety of treatment options.