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Experience Successful Tattoo Removal

Lasercare Tattoo Removal is successfully removing tattoos and is pleased to report that the Quanta Q Plus laser has lived up to its promised performance in every way. The Quanta Q Plus’ higher power has eliminated ink in as few as two treatments, and even the densest ink has faded considerably by the third session. Even more importantly, the short pulse rate of the Quanta laser has allowed this success WITHOUT harming the clients’ skin.
After seeing the scarred results of other lasers, Lasercare Tattoo Removal really is the only reasonable choice for tattoo removal. No one wants to trade their tattoo for a scar. The pain is considerably less and is no longer a factor in deciding whether to get a cover-up tattoo or have it removed. Lasercare’s clients agree that the Quanta Q Plus laser feels very similar to the sensation of getting a tattoo, but the treatment takes only minutes.
Call today to experience the remarkable success of the Quanta Q Plus laser at Lasercare Tattoo Removal. (907)903-1558

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