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Military Tattoo Regulations, explained here…

New tattoo regulations recently issued by the military  have been cause for confusion for many.  No one wants to put their life’s plan at the mercy of anyone ‘s arbitrary judgement, better to know the regulations and be prepared.  Tattoo removal is not an instant solution for most tattoos, so you may need to have a plan in writing from a Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist.  Even if you will not have your tattoo completely removed in time for an inspection, a written plan showing effort and progress is sufficient.  So what are the regulations?  The full policy can be read in the online manual, but following are the basics: 3–3. Tattoo, Branding, and Body Mutilation Policy Note: This paragraph is punitive with regard to Soldiers. Violation by Soldiers may result in adverse administrative action and/or charges under the provisions of the UCMJ. a. Tattoos and brands are permanent markings that are difficult to reverse (in terms of financial cost, discomfort, and effectiveness of removal techniques). Before obtaining either a...

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Why choose Lasercare Tattoo Removal?

Lasercare Tattoo Removal has brought Alaska into the 21st century with the most advanced laser technology on the market today.  We use the Quanta Q Plus laser, the most powerful tattoo removal laser available. This enables Lasercare to remove tattoos of nearly any color without the scarring and intense pain of other less powerful lasers currently in use.  The Quanta’s laser pulse takes less time to reach and destroy ink molecules, and this means less time that the skin is under the laser, therefore reducing the chance for damage to the skin. This stronger laser also means fewer treatments, less pain, and a higher rate of removal success.   Weaker lasers take longer to reach the ink, which results in the laser heating up the skin causing damage and blistering.  Lasercare’s Quanta laser has a broad spectrum of wavelengths specifically designed to destroy ALL colors of ink, so you won’t end up with a partially removed tattoo. Leave the scarring and pain of tattoo removal in the past where...

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