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Allergies Can Affect Tattoo Removal

Lasercare Tattoo Removal uses the Quanta Q Plus laser to give you the very best laser treatment that will result in a minimal number of treatments, no skin damage, and an outcome that you desire.  But the laser is just one part of the ink removal equation.  Other variables that will affect the treatment process are the contents of the tattoo ink, the density of the ink, the location on the body, and the health of the immune system.  The immune system is often taken for granted and is easy for a seemingly healthy person to overlook.  The immune system is what ultimately removes the ink particles, so if it is already under a heavy work load, the ink will be moved slowly.  Other than nicotine, allergies may have the biggest impact on the immune system.  Many people are aware they suffer from allergies but choose to deal with them by either medicating the symptoms with over the counter allergy drugs, or by simply living with them.  More serious than the symptoms are the long term effects allergies can have on your health.  The immune system is weakened over time with repeated exposure to allergens and could lead to an opportunity for cancer to take hold, or any other disease that is seemingly unrelated.  Allergy sufferers would benefit from a visit to an allergy specialist before years of suffering leads to more serious health consequences.

Tattoo removal is a window into a body’s health.  It can expose a weakened immune system that results in a slow to remove tattoo.  If you’re wondering what you can do to help the process along, maybe it’s time to address those annoying allergies.